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The Need

For tens of thousands of households facing tough choices to make ends meet, cutting back on food is often the solution. But it comes at a steep price. For children, hunger impacts the ability to learn. For adults, the ability to work. For seniors, the ability to manage illness and maintain health.

Our Role

We are a food pantry/soup kitchen focused on sustaining good nutrition, health and most of all human dignity by providing a means for the individual to meet their full potential and to silence the pain hunger brings. 


How To Help

Make a difference in our community by joining us in the fight against hunger by donating food, monetary donation or by volunteering your time.

Our Partners

We partner with local food banks, churches, schools, and other organizations to provide our members with meals, groceries, and other resources. Our partnerships allow us to provide a comprehensive service to those in need and ensure that everyone in our community has access to nutritious food. We are deeply grateful for these partnerships and the work that our partners do.

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